How To Pursue A Career In Music?

Since you were small and still learning how to say the word ‘mum’ and ‘dad’, you’ve always been an avid fan of Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, and Bryan Adams. As you grew up, you always knew that you were a musician at heart. Once you’ve mentioned in your family’s annual dinner for thanksgiving that music is the career that you want to pursue in life, you will obviously hear negative and positive comments from your family. But once you’ve given them convincing reasons about pursuing music, it’s time that you start following you dreams. Now being a good musician is just as hard as being an accountant. Most of us assume that playing instruments doesn’t take talent or time. But in fact it does take a lot of effort. If you’re someone looking to be a successful musician, here’s how you can start your journey.

Don’t skip any steps

As much as you think that the musical coaching in school was ample enough to get you through in your career, you’re wrong. Don’t try to speed your way towards the music industry. The more steps you skip, the less chance you have in hand to beat your competitors. It’s important that you have additional knowledge in music. Converse with people who have a stable career in music, don’t miss out the extra Eastern Suburbs piano tuition. Trying to skip any steps will only make it harder for you to learn new things.

Passion is a fuel

You might have had music as hobby when you were a kid, but little did you know that having a hobby and having passion is two complete different entities. Passion is the fuel and hobby is an engine. Your engine is hopeless without the fuel. This is why you need to have a passion for music. Every time you fail, you will always have the will power to get up and start over again. This is how great artists found themselves in the industry.

Go the extra mile

There’s always this place that people rarely visit and it’s just an empty space that hold the potential to drive you to success. Yes, that place is called the extra mile. Nobody wants to go there but they always wonder why they didn’t succeed in life. Go the extra mile, have sleepless nights, take the call and endure the extra piano lessons. You will find yourself at a good pace one you’ve been at the extra mile.

Failure is success

Don’t back down the moment you fail in your pursuit. Failures are the guiding posts to help you conquer your fears and make it to the top. It’s important that you have the confidence to face the rejections and to have the right attitude when you receive negative comments for your performance. Lastly, learn from your mistakes and listen to the advices. Don’t be prejudice when your coach points out your mistakes. We are all still learning despite of our age and experience. Keep learning and don’t lose hope. One day you will get to the place you’ve always dreamed of.