How To Begin Whittling At Home

If you enjoy crafting things with your bare hands but also being able to focus your energy to produce something useful by the end of the day, then you should try whittling. You just need to start with a knife and some wood.

Always keep your knife sharp

Without a sharp knife you are going to really struggle and make life difficult for yourself. If you feel like the wood is difficult to cut do not let yourself believe that it is because the wood is unforgivingly hard. Rather you should take a closer look at your knife because it might be blunt. If you carve with a blunt knife your hands will hate you for it since you will have to applying a lot of pressure for even minimum results. The blade should glide through the wood like it is cutting butter, if this is not the case then use a stone to sharpen your knife and you are good to go.

Safety is priority

Always wear the proper leather gloves and steel toed work boots (and also be conscious of where the knife is at all times). We are not all skilled enough to be making Gibson acoustic product at home from our garage on our very first try and there is no shame in that. You just need to take sufficient precaution and practice as much as you can. If you are not adequately geared for whittling, then you are going to end up with some painful wounds and nasty scars. So take it slow, relax and enjoy the process especially because the slower you go the more in control you are.

Draw out plans and measurements of what you want to carve

Be really specific and try to follow a plan, it is okay if you deviate from it but with a well-drawn out plan you will know what you have to do and can remain focused, the first few times you just have to try carving anything into any shape but after the experimental stage, a plan is always best. But do not put too much pressure on yourself, just have fun and at the end of the day remember you can always buy chairs, tables and guitars online if you cannot make them yourself.

I promise that wood carving is a fun, meditative, creative and trendy thing to try. And if you get really good you can even sell your pieces to others! So go on and try it, go enjoy yourself and create something magical while you are at it.